Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Do All Guys Obsess Over The Lord of the Rings?

Seriously.  I'm not judgy, but a bunch of little men with pointy ears chasing after jewelry for 3 hours?

Every time these movies come up in conversation, every guy in the room freaks out over how awesome they are.  And it makes me feel like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec, when everyone in Pawnee is flipping out over Lil' Sebastian--the miniature horse--and he has no idea why.  "It's kind of a small horse.  I mean, what am I missing?"  My thoughts exactly.

I know everyone has their thing, and I respect other people's interests and all.  But these LOTR-loving guys don't just love the movies.  They get mad and angsty towards anyone that has less than the highest level of LOTR enthusiasm.  My own brother looked like he wanted to set me on fire and throw me into a volcano yesterday when I told him I thought The Lord of the Rings was silly.  (Which I do.) (Because it is.) (Sorry Steve.)

In conclusion, please enjoy this clip from Clerks 2 which expresses a lot of my thoughts on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, in much more colorful terms.  Thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law for sharing this gem with me!  Young readers beware, the below is pretty much wildly inappropriate.


  1. Sorry Stephen, I myself don't see the fascination.

  2. Thanks Steve, finally something we agree on! :)