Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Signs I'm Turning Into a 19 Year Old Boy

1.       Nutrition
I see no problem with cold pizza for breakfast.  If anything, I see a problem with not having cold
 pizza for breakfast.

2.       Catchphrases
In my opinion, no night of mayhem has truly begun until one of the following phrases has been
uttered: “Let’s get weird!” or “Who’s ready to let the dogs out?”  Bonus points if this is followed
 up by an energetic fist pump.

3.       TV Preferences
Given the choice between a Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon or a Family Guy
marathon, the answer will always be Family Guy.  Always.

4.       TV Preferences Continued
Following that vein, I see absolutely nothing wrong with killing an entire hour watching “Bird is
 the Word” compilations on YouTube.

5.       Fashion Decisions
Faced with the choice between sandals or socks, my answer will always be a resounding,
“Both!”  The marriage of 2 of the most comfortable forms of footwear is something that should
be celebrated, not mocked!

6.       Movie Obsessions & Love of All Things Will Ferrell
I have spent more time lately fantasizing about Anchorman 2 than my own future wedding day.
(Fingers crossed Paul Rudd will be present for both!)

7.        Means of Self-Expression
Prefacing a fist bump with the phrase, “Knuckle up for safety!” is something I have done no
fewer than 4 times this week.  I’m not ashamed.

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