Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Top 5 Things that Made me Smile Today

5. This picture of Jason Segel rapturously biting into a burger.  Because it’s hilarious, and because I’m pretty sure it’s the exact face I made when I bit into a piece of apple pie crust a few minutes ago. Yummy alert!

4. This video of Smallpools hijacking a public piano and playing an awesome, stripped-down version of “Dreaming.”  Security guards be damned!

3. This picture.  I’ve been setting this picture as the background on a number of people’s laptops and computers lately, and it always elicits positive responses.  Bewildered expression, messy hair, fingers covered in olives—what’s not to love?

2. This old blog post of mine that was featured on Hellogiggles.  Not even trying to be self-promotional here (well maybe just a smidgen) but I really do reread this occasionally, and it still makes me giggle—one of my favorite things I’ve written.  Plus, the idea that it might somehow ignite an adorkable bff relationship between Zooey Deschanel and me always puts a smile on my face.

1. And number one by far is this little girl’s birthday message to her mom—the cutest thing I’ve seen, maybe ever.  She has set an extremely high bar for my future children.

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