Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spotlight on Sisters: 5 Sister-Sister Duos I Love


5. Dakota & Elle Fanning
Doesn’t get cuter than the Fanning sisters.  I will perpetually think of them as tiny little girls, but apparently they’re 19 and 15 now, which makes me feel, oh, about a thousand years old.  I digress…

4. Tia & Tamera Mowry
The original Sister-Sister duo, the Mowry twins have come a long way since the days of their floppy-hatted, denim-clad child stardom.  Their E! reality show is pretty entertaining too, though it shocked me initially to learn that they did not actually meet as teenagers in a department store. (Who knew?!)

3. Kate & Rooney Mara
I’ve loved these two individually for a while, but didn’t piece together that they were sisters until about a week ago, and it was the best discovery ever!  Both super-talented, both native New Yorkers, I am loving this sister-sister combo.


2. Emily & Zooey Deschanel
Love Bones, love New Girl, love these two lovely ladies—even if I struggle with the pronunciation of their last name on a daily basis. (When in doubt, just replace “Deschanel” with “Dave-Chapelle”—close enough.)


1. Kate & Pippa Middleton
One of my favorite dynamic duos, these two have won the genetic lottery—Kate causing hair envy amongst women everywhere with her enviable tresses, and Pippa bringin’ the thunder with a badonkadonk buzz-worthy enough to warrant its own Facebook fan-page.


Bonus: Me & My Sissie--Love that lady!


  1. The deschanels are fabulous indeed. But they've established their fabulosity already. As for me, I'm hitching my star to their up and coming brother, Ernie deschanel. He's going to make it big, baby and I want in on the ground level with this rising star. Currently, he is absolutely glowing in the world of Amway and I plan to be besties with this cat. We meet every now and then and talk about our favorite colors and future plans. Who knows how far we'll go. By the way, need some soap?

  2. I have heard great things about the mysterious third Deschanel child--Ernie, the Great and Powerful, I believe some call him? What better subject for star-hitching?! I do hope that your future plans involve riding through the night sky on unicorns, and singing the New Girl theme song! "Who's that boy? Who's that boyyyy? It's Ernie!"